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Cuento de Terror
Plazo: Hoy!

Cuento de Terror
Plazo: Hoy!

Cuento de Terror
Plazo: Hoy!

Cuento de Terror
Plazo: Hoy!


Poeta: Ninguno
Autor: Ninguno
Novela: Ninguno
Votos: Ninguno

Reviewing Contest

   What we set out for, from the conception, was to recognize reviewers who stood out more than others. We are looking for quality, not quantity. Someone well rounded when reviewing both poetry and prose. Someone who views every piece as a whole, not just focusing on one aspect of the work. Someone who inspires a writer to improve, not beats them into the ground. It is a Quality Seal, but for reviewers. We want people to see the gold stars, and to know that a review by this person is honest without being cruel, and thorough on all aspects.
  - a panel member
Members have the ability to nominate four reviewers each month to go before the Reviewer Recognition Panel. If you see a reviewer that stands out click the "Thumb" icon next to one of the members reviews. You can send a personal message to the reviewer when nominating them.

Each month the Reviewer Recognition Panel takes the member that receives the most votes and decides on the winner of the contest. The panel is looking for honest and detailed reviews that offer authors constructive feedback. If approved by the panel the nominee will win the contest. The winner takes away a $100 Visa gift card (or the alternate prize of 110 member dollars if selected) and 100 points. The nominee is also considered for further recognition. There is a chance that the reviewer will be approved as a recognized reviewer. A recognized reviewer receives an upgraded signature that includes gold stars in place of blue ones. If the nominee is not approved there will not be a winner that month.

The site tracks the number of nominations that you have received. If you are nominated this is no guaranteee that the panel will approve you. But it is a clear indicator as to how the community as a whole appreciates the comments you write.

You have 0 nominee votes left to make. If you voted for someone last month and they were not made a Recognized Reviewer you can choose them again.

You have not been nominated by a reader. Write reviews that you think authors and readers will appreciate to attract votes.

This feature will be active after you upgrade to premier author or premier reader.

Contest Terms

Escribir un cuento o poema y presentar su trabajo para recibir comentarios sobre su escrito. Compartir historias cortas y la poesía escrita en nuestro sitio y entrar en concursos de escritura. Garantizada comentarios para escribir y todo lo que se le clasificó. Información.

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