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Cuento de Terror
Plazo: Hoy!

Cuento de Terror
Plazo: Hoy!

Cuento de Terror
Plazo: Hoy!

Cuento de Terror
Plazo: Hoy!


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Poetry Contests

Poetry contests are an excellent way to get motivated, write with a real deadline, and to get creative.

There are no feeds to enter poetry contests on FanStory.com. All contests are free to writers on the site and offer cash prizes. With over 40 contests open poets have many different contests to enter.

Poetry contest themes vary but include writing a poem with specific words, writing a poem based on an image provided, writing a poem of faith or in a certain format (such as Haiku or Acrostic). View our full poetry contest listing here.

Write with confidence on the largest and most professional writing site on the internet. Since the year 2000 we have been helping writers improve their craft. So get motivated, write with a deadline, and get ideas for your poems.

Find out more about poetry contests on FanStory.com.

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